March 2018 Blog: Phillip Brown

At Raven Marketing Enterprises, recognition is an integral part of our cycle of development. This month, the Raven Marketing spotlight belongs to our top account manager, Phillip B. Phillip joined our team last November. Since arriving, he has consistently displayed the ability to surpass the office standard.

Part of becoming a member of the Raven Marketing team is having a positive attitude and student mentality attributes Phillip displays day in and day out. One key to his success is his ability to network with others and put what he learned into practice, increasing his skills as both a trainer and a leader. Phillips continues to push himself and the team to soar new heights as he prepares for the next stage in the cycle of development.

Congratulations to Phillip on your recognition this month; keep up the great work! To learn more about our phenomenal team, follow Raven Marketing Enterprises on Instagram and Facebook.