Demand for our in-person campaigns is growing, and we’re expanding Raven Marketing Enterprises into Los Angeles as a result! While this has been a team effort, we especially want to thank Tiffany, Michael, and Christopher for spearheading this move. They are true team builders who have shown laser-like focus in coaching others and perfecting our company image.

Not only are we gaining a new base of operations, but we’re creating a whole new division in response to our expansion. This is a thrilling prospect for us; we’re growth-oriented people, and enjoy the challenge of learning new talents and applying our skills in novel ways. It’s also rewarding to know that we’ve earned such a solid reputation; we’re trusted to invent new customer acquisition strategies by the businesses with which we partner.

Our Raven Marketing Enterprises growth isn’t just good for us either; the new location allows us to bring new team members into our fold as well. We’ve already lined up national service partners to work with in the LA area, and now need driven, career-oriented people who can learn our personalized outreach methods to grow consumer bases. Marketing know-how is helpful, but not required, as our training system provides new recruits with the knowledge they need to succeed in this or any other industry.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of our team. To follow our progress into the LA market, like Raven Marketing Enterprises on Facebook.