Amanda Takes the Polar Plunge for a Great Cause

It’s no secret that philanthropy is part of the Raven Marketing Enterprises ethos. Throughout the year, we support worthy causes by participating in all sorts of fundraising and volunteer projects. Most recently, however, one of our colleagues really surpassed expectations. Amanda represented Raven Marketing Enterprises in the polar plunge.

For the polar plunge, Amanda submerged herself in freezing water to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics. She says, “Any chance to heighten recognition and garner donations for a great cause is something I’ll dive right into – literally! It was freezing, but also so much fun! I enjoy being part of a company dedicated to bettering the world.”

Here are a few of the qualities that shape our enthusiasm for making a difference:

  • Positive Thinking: Instead of dwelling on problems, we look for solutions. The polar plunge is one of many ways we meet needs in our region. No matter what the challenge – even when it’s icy water – we think about the outcomes.
  • Goal-Focused Mind-Sets: Our goals guide our progress. They keep us motivated and help us measure our impact. They drive success in all aspects of our business – including our giveback work. For instance, Amanda set and achieved a fundraising goal for the plunge.

We applaud Amanda’s grit and willingness to take the big plunge. Follow Raven Marketing Enterprises on Twitter for the details surrounding our next giving effort.